Mr Sean Sellers

Stand Up Actor Improviser

Who He?

Sean Sellers shares his name with far more people than he thinks he should, including an infamous Satanist–turned–Christian double–murderer and the progressive Christian Rock band named after him.

As it stands Sean already has significant competition from an Iowa car dealer; a student activist in Florida; someone who played the receptionist in an episode of the teen Sci–fi drama Roswell; and a Straight–edge, hardcore punk drummer from Santa Cruz, California.

Comedian, improvisor, actor*, and occasional director Sean Sellers started doing improvisational, physical, and sketch-based comedy in the early 1990s, training with the likes of the San Francisco Mime Troupe and others before forming his own theatre company and producing his own original work. 

Crazy characters, voices, and accents saw him win numerous accolades and awards as a young comic actor in the United States.

He now resides in London, England, where he is active on the UK comedy circuit. He is one third of the team behind the Stand Up London Comedy Club and co-host of the popular Bubble and Squeak Comedy night in Covent Garden.

Known as one of the best dressed men in British comedy, Sean's all about attitude. Attention-seeker. People-pleaser. His stand up is pop culture references, personal anecdotes, and playful punchlines.

*He can be heard on the 2001 London cast recording of Elegies For Angels, Punks and Raging Queens.

What'd You Say?

A very distinctive figure: A camp, intense American in an untied cravat and with a thick mop of hair that had such a mind of its own it deserves its own agent. He speaks in short, sharp sentences as he agitatedly expresses his hefty catalogue of peeves. His angsty, agitated style…makes him very watchable
— Steve Bennett, Chortle
— Trevor Jones, House of Stand Up
— Peter Fox, Nottingham Comedy Review